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Quality and food safety management system is certified as per iso 9001 and iso 22000 (haccp) AD
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Scientific and research center

AROMAROS-M Scientific and Research Center stands for harmonized activity of Technological Department, Innovative Technologies Laboratory and Analytical Research and Manufacturing Control Laboratory.

Technological Department

The main tasks of Technological Department consist of supporting constant contacts with our clients, studying their suggestions and queries; analysis of non-standard technological situations at enterprises consuming «AROMAROS-M» products, promotion of the newest and demanded types of additives in Russian regions and abroad; monitoring of demands of food industry for innovative food additives; elaboration of technological re-quirements for development of taste and flavor profiles and functional compositions of promising food additives.

The Department includes a technological area for improvement of new meat-producing technologies, fitted with modern imported equipment. On its base, technological testing of additives to meat products is performed. It al-lows a prompt and objective evaluation of their efficiency, determination of optimal dosages and development of recommendations for their use in manufacturing. Department professionals developed and approved 48 regula-tory documents which constitute formalized expression of innovation technologies of meat products production using «AROMAROS-M» food additives.

Innovative Technologies Laboratory

Here new recipes of flavor and complex food additives are developed. Research is conducted following technical specifications issued by «AROMAROS-М» technologists and covers a broad range of meat, pastries and other food products.

The laboratory conducts advanced research of food ingredients properties and performs matching of their com-binations in order to create principally new products. The additives should meet numerous requirements: have a high performance, unite all set functions, possess certain technological properties allowing optimization, modifi-cation or improvement of final products characteristics. Scientific approach to composition determination of cre-ated additives and to complexation of various types of ingredients has a decisive meaning for posterior develop-ment of flavoring agents, flavor and complex additives production. Fundamental task of the Laboratory consists in finding new capacities of modern science to meet the needs of food industry, as well as prompt development of current branch issues solutions based on innovative technologies.

Laboratory scientists develop forecasts of food additives market development and conduct research of natural ingredients potential for next generation products.

Analytical Research and Production Control Laboratory

Here, a thorough multi-stages control of initial raw materials and finished products is performed. Complex «AROMAROS-М» food additives are produced using essential oils and oleoresins of spice and aromatic plants, food phosphates and acids, polysaccharides, fatty acids mono- and diglecerides, structure-forming and gelation agents. Aromatic compositions are made based on volatile species, traditional spices used in foods production. Scientific officers and engineer-chemists study processes of volatile organic compounds sorbtion-desorbtion, test stability of key and odoractive species responsible for specific aroma of essential oils and flavors, and conduct other type of scientific research. Essential oils and flavors quality control combines sensor and instrumental analysis methods.

Instrumental control is performed using Hewlett Packard gas chromatograph HP 4890. During the years of «AROMAROS-M» operation, a library of essential oils gas chromatography profiles used in additives produc-tions was created at the laboratory.

Qualified expert tasters, possessing a verified descriptors set, choose flavors for creation of new original compo-sitions using profile charts.

Instrumental research methods

Scientific and Research Center is fitted with modern devices and equipment used during performance of wide range of theoretical and applied studies.

  1. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) – liquid Waters 1525 chromatograph
  2. Gas chromatography - HP 4890 Hewlett Packard gas chromatograph
  3. Chromatomass-spectrometry – Agilent 6850/5975 mass-spectrometer
  4. Spectro-photo-colorimetry - MINISCAN 45/0-LS/H spectro-photo-colorimeter
  5. Infrared spectrocsopy - IR-Fourier AVATAR -360 E.S.P (Thermo Nicolet) spectrometer
  6. Spectrophotometry – TermoSpectronic colorimeter
  7. Turbodimetry - Digital Direct – Riading turbodimeter
  8. Moisture content analysis – automatic Fisher Orion AF titrator
  9. Analyzer of gels, suspensions, highly viscous solutions structure - ТА.ХТ. plus structure analyzer (Stable Micro Systems)
  10. Dynamic viscosity analysis – Brookfield DV-II+ viscometer
  11. Microscopy В-353 POL microscope (Optika Microscopes)